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Over a decade of trading and investing experience, retired at 30, and do this daily for a living.

I make money every day, easily and consistently.  We all do!  Joining is as easy as:

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Giving Back to the Community

It has been a long time since I began my journey.  It was not the traditional route of;

  • Go to school
  • Get Degree
  • Get Job
  • Work

I set out to become a business owner right away, with the hopes of becoming financially independent.  I had no idea the ups and downs ahead of me, the long roads traveled, the long nights, the large losses of my capital.

Creating my system has taken my time, my mind, and my MONEY.  It has become my goal in life to help anyone willing to listen to achieve the same things I have without the risk of losing your hard earned money.  There is always risk involved, but with my strategy it is reduced to a level you are comfortable with.

One-on-one help is the first step for Lost Avenue LLC.  We have a soft spot for children and the end goal is to create educational programs for those who aren't ever exposed to finances, as well as donate to help the fight against childhood diseases.

We sincerely thank everyone for taking the time to read and having the interest in making yourselves, and your families, better.


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After over a decade of making money I've finally been convinced to help others really do this.  It doesn't matter if you have $500, or $500k, everyone can safely and easily do this.

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