The Trading Group

The Community Is What Matters

There are many groups to chose from out there in regards to trading and investing.  Some are great, some are complete scams. Please visit the About Us page to read a little more about myself and my philosophy.

I've had success in my life and my trading career, and now it is time to give back to the community.

This is a fast paced group with outstanding minds sharing a wealth of knowledge, calling out action as it comes, and helping everyone become more profitable.

This is what I do for a living...let me show you how to as well!


The LIVE chat group

Daily calls made from our refined scanners showing what is running in up to the minute action.  This takes the near decade long refinement to point everyone in the right direction to make their daily profits.


One-on-one access to The Lost Trader's years of experience in the realm of research and doing your due diligence.  We help with everything from financial sheet reading to historical price action.

Weekly Lessons

Using the weeks high and low points, we will meticulously go over how and why events transpired from the fundamentals behind the action, the technicals that are the charts, and the psychological that made the price do what it did.

The Focus Is Profits


Anyone that tells you that there is not a lot of hard work, hours, dedication, and sweat is outright lying.

If you aren't ready to take the next step in your life, for the betterment of yourself or your family, then please do not waste the time of the group.

There are dedicated individuals who are on the same page, making the same types of profits, and helping one another become more successful.

Still Need To Learn More???

Click the button to learn more about us OR use any of the Join The Team buttons, fill out the form, and we will email you the invite!

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